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Caroline & Roger's Wedding

Mantells Mt Eden

Writing these snippets as a wedding photographer, I always tend to think about the technical aspects of the collection first, but as we all know it's the emotion of a wedding that really makes the photos shine.  Caroline and Roger's wedding had emotion in spades... or should I say hearts!  Roger's three children Jacqui, Emily and Seb were an absolute delight and the amount of affection amongst this new family unit was truly heart warming.  I ALWAYS love photographing weddings at Mantells due to the intimate and stylish nature of the venue, not to mention the food!  In fact, everything about Caroline and Roger's wedding day was stylish, beautiful and a visual delight for me to capture.  Caroline and Roger kept the formalities and posed photos to a minimum, leaving me to a relaxed and candid approach (my favourite disposition) to documenting their special day.  Upon arriving home from what can barely be called working at this gorgeous wedding, I said to my wife, "If we were to re-do our wedding, this is exactly how we'd do it."

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