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Amy and John's Wedding

Glendowie Presbyterian Church

Amy and John are two of the most likeable and endearing people I have ever met and everything about their wedding day reflected this.  No matter how much planning goes into a wedding, the weather cannot be controlled.  So, my plan for Amy and John was to wander carefree and joyfully up a local hill for some expansive shots - the reality ended up being a little less dreamy.  A quick dash back to the cars after the sky opened up, the use of my trusty umbrella and a substitute field full of wildflowers and wispy-thingies was a more than acceptable Plan B and nothing could have dampened the love and joy between this beautiful couple.  What I loved about this wedding was the strong feeling of a supportive community; the church was a meaningful venue for Amy and John and the way fabric had been hung (by Amy's Dad) from the ceiling in the dining area really gave the room wow factor.  The speeches also deserve a special mention, what a privilege to bear witness to such genuine words.  And for my final rave; a pizza truck and a gelato stand - perfect!  Amy and John, thank you so much for letting me capture your special day, it was a real treat to be a part of.

the wedding flowers arrive
wedding flowers
bride at mirror
make up
bride applying make up
make up case
selection of make up
bride getting make up
mum helping bride
bride's sister
mum helps bride
putting in earring
the groom at church
guest holding wedding pamphlet
bride arrives
guests in church
groom looking at bride
bride on father's arm
dad hugs bride
bride and groom
smiling bride
inside church
the wedding vows
exchanging wedding rings
groom hugs bride
confetti being thrown
bride gets congratulated
people photograph newlyweds
bride with groom
the bridal party
bridal party walking
bridal party walk away
bride laughing
a romantic kiss
the newlyweds posing
groom and groomsmen
bride with her sisters
newlyweds with umbrella
newlyweds under umbrella
holding hands
couple in field
newlyweds in field
bride with groom
groom helping bride
holding hands
bride climbing fence
groom jumping
pizza at wedding
couple arrive at venue
groom with friend
groom's father gives speech
newlyweds listen to speech
the groom's speech
wedding guests
ice cream at wedding
cutting the wedding cake
bride eats cake
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