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Nina and Hadz' Wedding

Corbans Estate Art Centre

I'll start this blurb by saying I've always wanted to incorporate an astro-rhino-thingy into my wedding photography, so job done! Nina and Hadz; two wonderful souls clearly meant for each other, started their time with me doing a first look as they wanted to spend as much time as possible with their friends and family, and with around 180 guests I couldn't fault that logic.  Corbans Estate certainly has its fair share of amazing graffiti and artwork for backdrops and there was also a great reserve there for the wispy grass shots that always make me smile.  Four seasons in less than an hour certainly made it interesting and with an outdoor wedding planned things were up in the air.  Hadz made the call to stay outdoors and sure enough as the stunning Nina made her entrance the rain came.  Thankfully Nina's veil offered some protection from the rain but I did note Hadz had to wipe away some 'rain' as she approached him for the ceremony.  The rain lasted for around 15 minutes and we all got wet, but thankfully it stopped in time for the kiss.  The rest of the day and night was a feast for the senses with plenty of singing and dancing, and more dancing, great food, much laughter and did I mention dancing.  I feel very blessed to have been a part of your amazing day.

the first look
wedding photography
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graffiti wall backdrop for wedding
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NZ wedding photography
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wedding photography
NZ wedding photography
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