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Natalie and David's Wedding

The Officers Mess, Fort Takapuna

Do weddings go to plan? Not so much. Does it matter? Not so much. When I first met Natalie and David months back at The Officers Mess in Takapuna I was completely sold on their wedding day. The church for their wedding service has a ton of character and is great spot for the group shots. Their chosen reception venue is awesome, filled with natural light and white walls, yay!! Even though the surrounding grounds are picturesque I thought we should go up North Head for the bridal party photos and maybe along Devonport boulevard. All sounding good right? Of course, come the wedding day it rained, and not just romantic showers of rain, windy skies-open-up kind of rain. Thankfully everyone was gracious, flexible and accommodating. Natalie and David were absolute troopers and when I suggested we go down to the wharf (in the rain) they didn't bat an eyelid. Just as well because I think it's one of my favourite shots of the year. Natalie and David were a beautiful and debonaire couple with every detail of their wedding day selected to perfection. Congratulations to you both.

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