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Shaheen and Andrew's Wedding

Villa Maria Estate, Auckland

When I first met Shaheen and Andrew at a Ponsonby eatery a while back I knew that I was going to be smiling a fair bit on their wedding day.  Chemistry between a bride and groom is what makes for truly memorable photography and these two have it in spades.  My day, or rather night, began a couple of days before the wedding for Shaheen's henna session where I took candids for an hour.  Being a fly on the wall of such a special cultural practice was awesome; my wife was definitely jealous!

The wedding day began with a quick visit to Andrew getting ready (men only need 30 minutes, ha!) then off to Shaheen who looked absolutely stunning - wow!  It was here that I broke with my own little tradition... I've always turned down any offers of alcohol while shooting a wedding but one should always make an exception for '96 Dom Perignon!  After that, the rest of the day was a blur. Just kidding.

For the outdoor ceremony at Villa Maria the weather gods were on our side with some suitably perfect overcast weather. Shaheen made an impressive entrance which I do believe had Andrew a touch emotional and the rest they say is history.
A big thank you to all your friends and family for being such fun, and to the women for wearing so much colour!  Lastly, Shaheen and Andrew you guys are awesome.  Thank you both for wandering around the grounds with me and tolerating my artistic whims.

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