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Y & Reuben
Vietnamese Tea Ceremony
From the moment I arrived at the front gate I knew my photography trigger finger was going to get a workout.  Y and Rueben were having two wedding ceremonies; the first one being a traditional Vietnamese Tea Ceremony and the second was a western version the following day.  Luckily, Reuben had sent me a pretty detailed description of the event so I had a good idea of what to expect.  Between the walking procession, 'sisters tricks', respectful tea pouring, wonderfully coloured costumes and of course the elegant couple; I was like a magpie not sure what beautiful thing to capture next!  I was honoured to be able to witness the coming together of two cultures and Rueben and the members of his family warmly embraced the Vietnamese tradition and costumes.  
It was a joy to see the affection between the newly connected families, Y and Reuben are one lucky couple.

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bridesmaid and bride
wedding prep
the bride on chair
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guests walking
bearing gifts
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bridal party
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gorgeous girls
everyone smiling
groom and his men
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guest outside
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