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Megan and Cris' Wedding

Five Knots at Tamaki Yacht Club

I love shooting the preparations for a couple's wedding day, I feel like it completes the whole story of a wedding and gives each person a chance to see how the other spent the time leading up to the 'I do's.  Out of all the aspects of the day; the getting ready locations are generally the only surprise I get, and the cliche Forrest Gump quote comes out - it really is like a box of chocolates.  Well, anyone who knows me knows I am partial (OK addicted) to chocolate and let me say this day's chocolate was mighty fine.  Megan and Cris are two very easy-going, likeable people and they went all out in securing the upstairs room at the Pah Homestead, especially as it came with room service.
Cris and Megan had their first look at the Homestead and while the surrounding grounds proved a great backdrop for the bridal party shots it was the interior of the gallery that added that special something to the wedding photos.

Then across town to Five Knots for the ceremony and reception with a quick bride and groom session at Bastion Point and my favourite Tamaki Drive pier.  With both Cris and Megan having plenty of family and friends from overseas attending there was much joy and laughter shared over great food and wine.  So that's all perfect wedding puzzle pieces put together; a beautiful happy couple, a stunning dress, a stunning day and a great party!

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